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windows 7 validation error

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You may have this issue if you downloaded a copy of Windows 7 or if someone else installed it for you. Either way, there are a couple of different ways to check and make sure that your Windows 7 copy is genuine. Method 1 — Activate Windows Dialog The first way to validate that Windows 7 is genuine is to click on Start, then type in activate windows in the search box.
windows 7 validation error

Windows 7 validation errors and other problems

Using System Restore The Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool is a system that was designed and created by Microsoft in order to implement online validation of their most recent operating systems. This tool WGA is made up of two components: The WGA Notification, which is a component that is installed onto the system.

It attaches itself to the Winlogon so that it can validate the authenticity of the operating system every time you boot up. The second component is an ActiveX Control; this is used to validate the licence of the operating system when the user attempts to download a Windows Update.

The ActiveX Control on the other hand, is able to validate all of the above including Windows The WGA, when installed on your computer, will advertise the latest service packs for your operating system, this is especially the case with Windows XP based system. WGA was originally a voluntary system, which was changed to mandatory in July In most cases, the tool will be downloaded automatically, then install itself when you next restart the computer.

During the installation process, you may or may not be able to review the licence terms and choose whether or not to decline the update. If you choose to decline the install, then the operating system will never ask you to install the update again. Once the license terms and installation process has been completed, you will be greeted with the occasional update, relevant to your version of Windows.

After the installation is complete, the tool will run its validation process in order to verify whether or not your copy of Windows is genuine. If your copy of Windows is found not to be genuine, then when you next restart the computer, you will be presented with various notifications. The notifications will inform you that your copy of Windows is not genuine and then present you with the appropriate option s to resolve it.

If you opt to download the Windows genuine advantage validation tool directly from the Microsoft Download Center, then you will be taken through the typical installation process to apply the update. This will include you having to review and agree to the licence terms of the update. In addition to the notifications, that persistently show up, across the screen, and the disabling of non-critical updates, the Windows genuine advantage validation tool also disables Windows Defender, Windows Aero and Windows ReadyBoost.

The user is then given a certain period of time to authenticate Windows Vista, after which the entire operating system will be disabled, restricting the user to using the system in a reduced functionality mode. However, this does not occur on Windows Vista systems that have Service Pack 1 running on them, instead, the user will simply be inundated with notifications.

However, the user will still be able to interact with objects in and around the notices. Windows XP users will also be presented with a notification on the login screen. Manually Remove Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool This is a fairly complicated procedure that will require you to edit your registry, modify certain system files and restart your system a number of times. Anyway, to manually remove the Windows genuine advantage validation tool, simply do the following.

First, log into your computer with full administrative rights. Then change WgaLogon. To acquire this tool, I suggest you check out my post on changing file extensions. Once you have the tool up and running on your system, simply right click on WgaTray. This will bring up a small applet, from here, change the file extension from exe to old, and click on OK. When your computer finishes rebooting for the second time.

Delete or editing the wrong registry entry can cause irreparable damage to your operating system. Then right click on the WgaLogon sub key and select Delete. Then right click on the WgaNotify sub key and select Delete.

Use System Restore If you think manually removing the Windows genuine advantage validation tool is too complicated, then you may want to try System Restore.

This can be done by doing the following. Once the Control Panel loads up, double click on Automatic Updates. This will bring up Automatic Updates applet, from here click on Download updates for me, but let me choose when to install them. Then click on Apply and OK. Posted in: Tips Are you looking for a way to repair all the errors on your computer? Click here to check it out NOW! All rights reserved.

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Microsoft updated the list of known issues quickly to highlight the issue but did not provide explanation other than that. Administrators had to find a way to work around the issue elsewhere, and the article that we published here on this site helped several administrators. Microsoft published a new support article, KB , on January 10, that explains the activation issue and provides a solution to fix it. The issue started on January 8, at Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise editions were affected by the issue and probably any other edition using Key Management Service activation. Microsoft notes that the issue was not caused by the release of security updates for Windows 7 in January

VIDEO: Microsoft explains the Windows 7 KMS activation issue – gHacks Tech News

“After the Windows 7 build update, my computer screen suddenly turns black with program icons still visible. At the same time, an error message displays . Error messages appear when I try to download things, open certain things, P.S. I checked the validate my windows 7 online when I installed it. So the guys at MSDNAA got back to me as stated that the issue was with the debugged service pack update. Basically the option was in a.

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