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Adding “seats” to our Win7 Pro MAK key by buying boxed copies… wut?

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Get the free Windows 7 product keys here below. Windows 7 is part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Developed by Microsoft, Windows 7 is basically the same as Windows Vista.
windows 7 professional mak key

Windows 7 Product Key [Updated]

When you activate a product with a MAK key, it is activated permanently. It does not need to reactivate on any pre-set interval. You must enter a product key each time you set up a new workstation or server. Operating systems will not activate automatically. Each MAK key has a limited number of activations. You still may be able to activate more computers than licensed.

You are responsible for maintaining records of your licensing compliance. Hardware changes may invalidate your activation. If your MAK key’s activation count is depleted, reactivating will require a phone call to Microsoft. Your KMS server can activate unlimited computers without further approval from Microsoft.

Although the KMS key itself will activate only a few times, this is not a limitation because you need only one KMS server.

You are still responsible for maintaining records of your licensing compliance; unlimited activations does not mean unlimited licenses. You do not need to enter a product key each time you add a new workstation or server. They will activate against your KMS server automatically upon joining your domain.

Hardware changes that invalidate a computer’s activation will resolve automatically after a reboot, with no phone call to Microsoft, because the computer will reactivate with the KMS server automatically. KMS activations expire after days. For other versions of Windows, please refer to the TechNet articles linked above for the correct keys: Changing a computer’s product key will invalidate a computer’s existing MAK activation.

If you are not able to get the KMS working correctly, e. As always, RTFM and test before you leap!

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Sign in to vote “John Strode” wrote in message news: I have been successful in activating our Windows 7 SP1 loaded computers until my last activation. I am using VAMT 2. I will allow me to load the appropriate MAK key but times out when I try to activate the key over the internet. A manual activation also fails with the same MAK key. I check the number of activations left on the MAK and there are plenty left. I get the following error:

VIDEO: activation – Activating Windows 7: KMS vs. MAK – Server Fault

gist-github/ forked from quyennm/Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate, Pro, Enterprise Activation Keys [MAK,RETAIL] Click Change Product Key. Next window enter your product key wait till activation Windows verified your product key. I have a problem. A business has a MAK licence key for alot of computers. They have somehow lost their CD with the ISO on. I have the MAK. How would I remove my MAK key from my Windows 7 client installation, and have it obtain a new key from the KMS server? Windows 7 Professional N.

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