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Download WhatsApp Plus v7.00 Latest Version Apk (2019 Update)

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Notification setting for when a friend comes online. Schedule and recall any message with WhatsApp Plus. The latest version is always in sync with the base version of official WhatsApp. Browse through thousands of WhatsApp themes and try them all.
whatsapp plus apk new version

WhatsApp Plus Apk Download For Android

It provides all the features that you generally find in the original Whatsapp app. Additionally, you can enjoy many new features integrated into the application. With the help of the downloads WhatsApp plus apk application, you can have a secret chat with another person. It runs in the offline mode and gives you complete freedom to chat with the person without getting noticed. There are many other cool stuff that you can enjoy in the app.

Another Best Whatsapp Mod App: The 6. You can visit the website that allows the users to download WhatsApp Plus Apk file for free. It is easy to install and gives you plenty of opportunities to customize it accordingly to your need. Here are some of the features that you can try after installing the app. You can now hide your online status from others and be active without indicating that you are online. It keeps you hidden from others, and you can do chat freely with the particular users without showing others that you are online.

You might have aware of the blue ticks which shows that you have read the message sent by other users. You usually do not have any control over the blue ticks. Once you open the particular note, the sent message automatically turns to blue ticks informing another user that you have read the message. You can make the setting in the app and hide from message reading.

Once the setting is active, the blue ticks will not appear in the message, and even you have read the message. It gives you complete freedom to hide from the reading the message 3 Hide Writing Tick: This is another useful feature that you can apply to your WhatsApp application.

You might have noticed when another person is writing at the end of the chat box you see the typing status of the person. It shows that another person is trying to write something. By default, you will not have any control over hiding the features or changing the way it appears. The Whatsapp Plus Apk gives you the ability to hide the writing tick for contacts or group when you are typing a message.

You can completely hide the features from your friends. You can now hide the recording status while doing a recording of your voice. The other person will never get the status alert when you are performing the recording.

Your activity will be hidden from them. They will only get a notification when you send the recorded voice to them. If you want to hide the blue microphone icon available in the chat box, then you can now quickly do that by having the Whatsapp plus apk application on your device. Hide the microphone for contacts and group while sending a message to them. When you send the message to the group, each message will have view status to show who has viewed your sent message.

In the original application, there is no way to hide this view status. The WhatsApp plus apk is the only application available in the market that gives you the opportunity to hide from the view status. People will never see your name in the view status. Even if you have read the message, your friend will never get to know that you have already seen the significant message.

Sending a large file can be challenging task in the original WhatsApp application. You can also change the size and quality of the images and WhatsApp plus video call before sending the file. The customization option gives you more control over file management. You need to have Android device with the Android 4.

The application is compatible with the latest version only. It is advisable that backup the file before you install the apk file on your device. If anything goes wrong, then you will have your file in the backup. While installing the Whatsapp Plus apk file check whether you have a stable internet connection. It allows the device to install the third party application on your smartphone device.

Without enabling this setting, you can not install the app on your phone. Click on the install, and it will start the installation process. The installation will take few seconds so do not click anywhere while the installation is in progress.

Enjoy the features. You can install the latest version, and override the existing application, or you will find the update option in the setting.

Whenever a new update is available, you will see the option in the setting. By just clicking the update the application will update the existing app.

App Installing Permission list: You can have a private chat with the users.

Download Whatsapp Plus APK Latest Version

Android 4. Why so? First of all, uninstall official WhatsApp if you have installed. We have provided a download button above. Wait for a while, and WhatsApp Installation process will get completed. It is not so difficult.

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WhatsApp Plus Latest Version For Android Devices WhatsApp Plus APK have group video calling feature and many privacy options available in the latest. Sir I have downloaded whatsapp plus in gionee pioneer p3, before downloading new version I have uninstalled. Whatsapp Plus APK is a modified version of Official WhatsApp for android devices. The latest version is here to download by Abo2sadam in.

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