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Multi Layer Drum Sampler AU / VST Instrument

Figure 1. Figure 3. User report 1 https: User report 2 https:
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To manually run a post-analysis plugin on the report data: Click Select Plugins To Run. The Plugin List pops up and displays a list of available plugins: Click the plugin you want to run. If the plugin does not require user input, it is immediately queued for execution.

Other plugins displays their user interface. In this example, the Alignment plugin is selected, displaying the Alignment plugin dialog see Run the Installed Plugins for more information about plugin options: Select the desired plugin options and click Submit.

This runs your plugin, listing the run status in the Plugin Summary panel. For plugins that take a long time to run, click Refresh Plugin Status to update the plugin display status. You can stop a plugin from the status screen. Some plugins, such as Alignment,display a preview results window in the Plugin Summary list. Plugin status and information Each plug includes a summary line: The summary line includes the following information: The size of the plugin report and output files.

A trash icon to delete the plugin report and results. Careful, there is no confirmation dialog. The plugin status, such as Queued, Started, Completed, or Error. The scroll icon for the plugin’s log file. Plugin reports Plugin results, results summaries, links to output files, and other information are available in the plugin report pages. See Run the Installed Plugins for a description of report pages for the installed plugins.

Click the plugin html link in the Plugin Summary section to open that plugin’s report page: Plugin log files Hover your mouse pointer over the log icon to the right of your plugin to display the plugin log file: Click the icon to display the log: Click Close to exit the display.

Plugin Screenshots

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