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​Fixed: A Required Drive Partition Is Missing in Windows 10

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Pro tip: In order for you to perform these methods, you should boot your computer from a Windows 10 installation media. Method 1: Run Check Disk There may be errors in your system drive that causes your locked drive error. You can run the Check Disk utility to check your hard drive and repair those errors.
the drive where windows is installed is locked windows 8.1

“The drive where Windows is installed is locked.Unlock the drive and try again.”

Unlock the drive and try again. Get fixes hereof to remove the error, unlock hard drive and boot your computer with success. The complete process is about: Error Explanation About “The drive where Windows is installed is locked” error: Data Backup You should know that this locked hard drive issue will prevent you from starting your computer as normal.

To access data and create an exact copy of the hard drive, you need to back up data without booting into Windows , and third-party EaseUS backup and recovery software could help achieve the goal. On a working computer, go to the EaseUS Todo Backup product page, download and install it for a day free trial. Troubleshooting Following are the 4 widely used methods to unlock hard drive so that you can refresh your PC and completely get rid of “the drive where Windows is installed is locked” problem.

Pick up one that works the best for you. Fix 1. On the command prompt window, you will need to input the command line C: Click to copy chkdsk C: Press “Enter” on the keyboard for the check to start.

After this operation is finished, please reboot the Windows computer and check to see if you get the same error. Fix 2. Many troubleshooting steps likewise advise the use of the SFC command. Open the command prompt window as you did in [Fix 1]. Type the following command in the command prompt window Click to copy 3.

Press “Enter” on the keyboard. Let the scan finish and fix any potential errors. Reboot your Windows computer and check if you have the same error message. Fix 3. Go to the “Troubleshoot” feature in Windows as you did in [Fix 1]. Type the command line and press “Enter” on the keyboard. Click to copy 4. Click to copy 5. Click to copy 6. Type the command line: Reboot your Windows computer and see if you still get the error message.

Fix 4. Refresh the PC 1. Click “Repair your computer”. Click “Troubleshoot” and then click “Refresh your PC”. Follow the wizard instructions to complete the process. Extra help: How to recover data without backup Refreshing Windows or unlocking the hard drive, are helpful methods to deter the ‘drive where Windows is installed is locked’ error.

But there’s a big risk that you lost some precious data on the hard drive in the process. So we feel responsible for offering some extra help if data loss really happens. It’s user-friendly, safe, and efficient. Feel free to download it whenever you are in need. Now you are relieving!

Here, we created some troubleshooting ste… Solved: USB 3.

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Insert the Windows installation disc in the disc drive or connect USB media . When you hit the power button in Windows (through Charms. Learn the four effective methods to fix The drive where Windows is installed is locked error and a pro tip to protect your data integrity. “I upgraded to Windows yesterday and I have been having trouble so I The error that Windows drive is locked can be caused by disabled.

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