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Best Spanish learning app: online lessons to help you

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Yes, you can learn Spanish for your vacation Why trust us We spent dozens of hours researching and testing Spanish learning software to find the best product overall, the best value application and the best program for preparing to travel to a Spanish-speaking country. In addition to testing all these programs, we scoured digital and print publications to learn about innovations in the language-learning and e-learning industries and to get tips from experts. For instance, we found this article on Time.
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Yes, you can learn Spanish for your vacation Why trust us We spent dozens of hours researching and testing Spanish learning software to find the best product overall, the best value application and the best program for preparing to travel to a Spanish-speaking country.

In addition to testing all these programs, we scoured digital and print publications to learn about innovations in the language-learning and e-learning industries and to get tips from experts.

For instance, we found this article on Time. In it, the author identifies important e-learning features, as well as provides tips on how to practice outside the e-classroom, that helped him become conversationally fluent in a new language in 17 days.

We asked the vice president of marketing for Rosetta Stone, Julia Randhawa, about the popularity of mobile applications compared to their companion desktop applications. The products we reviewed can be purchased and delivered in a variety of ways. However, we found that programs with online subscriptions were the best because they were the easiest to buy and access. A few of the downloadable programs we bought, including Learn It Now Spanish Premier , took more than an hour to download.

We had to download and install that particular program multiple times to get it to work properly. This is another reason we recommend online and mobile Spanish learning software over download-only desktop applications: There is almost no chance of purchasing a program with missing or corrupt files. Our recommendations are based on how easy each software was to navigate, the type and variety of its lessons and its teaching tools.

How much does Spanish learning software cost? We graded each program we tested based on how easy it was to download and install, as well as how easy the software made it to find and continue lessons. The best programs we tested are easy to login into or download and have clearly laid out learning paths.

However, you can also purchase some programs outright. This type of program is a good option if you want to share learning software with other members of your family or if you know it will take you quite a while to reach your fluency goal. Mobile app Programs like Rosetta Stone and Duolingo have companion apps that allow you to learn on the go.

The mobile apps look a bit different than their desktop applications, but manufacturers update app content more frequently, and you can take lessons in them during your spare time. Some of the programs we tested, like Fluenz , allow you to download flashcards or lessons to your mobile device via their app. That way, you can practice without using Wi-Fi or cellular data. Language memorization techniques Memorization and quick recall of vocabulary terms serves as an important base for learning a new language.

Memory is a muscle that needs exercise and flexing regularly. Psychologists suggest memory uses three aspects of information processing: Here are some popular techniques to help you memorize vocabulary terms and quickly recall them in conversations. Spaced repetition Shannon Kennedy, a language encourager for Fluent in 3 Months, told me the Spaced Repetition System SRS is her favorite memorization technique, and it emphasizes keeping vocabulary fresh in your mind.

With this method, you memorize a group of terms, and instead of trying to recall them the next day, you give your brain a few days before you test yourself again. With each successive review, you take less time to recall the terms until you reach mastery.

Anki is a free flashcard app for Android and iPhone that uses SRS, whereas Pimsleur, one of our favorite Spanish learning programs, uses a type of spaced repetition called graduated-interval recall. Memory palace There are many tips and tricks for building and using a memory palace to increase foreign language vocabulary. Basically, a memory palace is a mentally constructed familiar building, like your home or office, that you form a linear path through to help you memorize and recall new vocabulary terms.

A memory palace is a type of mnemonic device that forces your brain to associate a word or phrase with an image — in this case, a mentally constructed building. Creating a memory palace takes time, but once you get the hang of it, it is a great way to quickly grow your Spanish vocabulary. Spanish language podcasts Spanish language podcasts are a great resource for improving your Spanish listening, comprehension and speaking skills.

You can tune in whenever you have a free moment and completely immerse yourself in a conversation with native speakers. Listen to partial or entire episodes by pausing the broadcast and picking it back up when you have some downtime. Spanish Obsessed The hosts of Spanish Obsessed, Rob and Lis, cover a wide range of topics for beginning and advanced students alike.

The episodes are minutes long, making it easy to listen during short breaks at work or on your morning commute. The podcasts are free and categorized by level. There are 28 beginner episodes that cover verb conjugation and popular topics like how to apologize, forms of transportation and how to describe your daily routine. Nomadas This podcast is tough to follow for beginning Spanish students, but if you are progressing through intermediate and advanced courses and like to learn about exotic travel destinations, Nomadas is a great option.

Alvaro and Esther host this podcast for Spanish radio, but the interviews include accents and dialects from Latin America and South America too. There are new episodes added to the site times per week and each episode lasts about 30 minutes. All the podcasts stream free, directly from the website. Audiria This free Spanish podcast has a great selection of topics for beginner and advanced students alike. Each episode is organized by difficulty level and includes tests and exercises to keep you engaged throughout.

Audiria adds at least one new episode every day about topics like kitchen terms, culture, popular news and songs. The episodes are available on the Audiria homepage and Apple iTunes, free of charge, and if you enjoy the podcasts, you can participate by adding questions to vocabulary tests or propose exercises. There are more than 80 learning episodes designed mostly for beginner and intermediate students.

The lessons are minutes each and cover a range of topics, including travel, culture and conversational topics about ordering food and regional dialects. The episodes are available for free on the Coffee Break website and through iTunes. Classroom vs. She told me e-learning affords you the ability to work at your own pace without the need to coordinate two calendars to arrange a lesson or meetup. But with software, you have a little more time to reflect and respond.

One disadvantage of e-learning compared to classroom instruction is the need to be self-motivated. Learning Spanish for business travel comes with important motivating factors, like avoiding awkward conversations with important colleagues, but it also requires you to learn specific topics quickly. We asked Shannon which features of learning software make it easier to learn quick and conversational topics for business travel. That study, along with other scholarly citations, make a great case for starting children on a path to dual-language fluency at a young age.

A study conducted by P. Armstrong and J. Rogers randomly assigned third-grade students minute Spanish lessons three times a week for one semester. However, many users in the Duolingo forum report children as young as 4 years old interacting with the software and retaining some of the word-to-image association exercises. Duolingo requires users to be at least 13 years old to participate in the group forums.

A translator mobile app is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with a taxi driver or translate a sign, and most apps work without Wi-Fi. Here are some of our favorite translator apps: Google Translate Google Translate has been the best Spanish translating app for more than 10 years. It is available as a free download for Android and iOS mobile devices and is compatible with more than languages.

There are more than 50 downloadable translation files that work without Wi-Fi or cellular data coverage. The image recognition is a bit buggy with closely grouped characters on receipts and small flyers, but its speech and handwritten character translations are the best available. Microsoft Translate Google Translate is the most popular translator app, but Microsoft Translato r is no slouch.

It has some unique features that make conversations across multiple languages easy, and is available as an extension for Microsoft PowerPoint. The chat feature allows you to start a conversation in a virtual meeting room and add participants by sending a conversation code. Each participant chooses their native language from a list of 60 available dialects and you either type a message or speak to the application and each participant sees the message in their own language.

It is available for free on Android, Amazon and iOS mobile devices, and as a desktop application for Windows Other features unique to iTranslate include a translator web browser, split view that allows you to use the app side by side with other apps and transliteration to help read non-latin characters. This app allows you to make free international calls when connected to Wi-Fi and has a helpful phrasebook that includes casual and slang terms for 13 languages, including Spanish.

The user interface is easy to navigate and has a tip calculator and currency converter. However, there are certain occasions when using technology can save time. We touched on the primary advantages of the Google Translate app above, but Google recently made real-time translation possible with any Assistant-enabled phone and headphones. Initially, you could only use the real-time translation feature with Pixel phones and earbuds, but a recent update to the Pixel Buds support page more specifically outlines the growing list of compatible devices.

We tested the real-time translation feature with the wired version of the Pixel Earbuds and a Pixel 3. While the real-time translations came through faster than expected, it was a bit clunky to use a phone and headphones to converse with someone. We asked a native Spanish speaker, how well the app translated our conversation. He said the sentence structure sounded infantile, but it was accurate. Our favorite Spanish learning software, Rosetta Stone, has a free Alexa skill with a limited selection of topics including greetings, food and drink, and directions.

Here are a couple options for Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers. Busuu This language learning program is the best option for smart speakers that use the Google Assistant. The course has a good selection of audio flashcards that cover popular topics like introducing yourself and saying hello, but not enough to make you conversationally fluent at the end of the lesson plan. SayHi This language learning app for smart speakers is available for Alexa and Google devices.

It contains dynamic content, so the developers are constantly learning from users and upgrading the app. There are three free lessons that focus on comprehension and popular conversational topics.

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When it comes to language learning apps, Duolingo and Rosetta In one corner is a relatively young but one of the most popular apps in the industry, whilst in the other, Once you download the app and select a preferred language to Duolingo is free and Rosetta Stone has a free trial, so you have. Many of these apps also have free language learning websites that offer even more options to . Free Rosetta Stone apps work for Android, iPhone, and iPad. Download the free Rosetta Stone mobile app now, and start learning! access to Foundations get ALL content in the “Learn Languages: Rosetta Stone” app.

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