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Enjoy your privacy and surf anonymously

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Enjoy your privacy and surf anonymously ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro A powerful software with a friendly user interface that allows you to surf anonymously online and enjoy watching free TV and on-demand television when living abroad, traveling, on business or vacation. Protect your privacy and browse anonymously on the internet Many proxy servers available from all over the world Bypass website area restrictions for Google, YouTube, Facebook. Browsing, buying online, watching online TV channels or reading online newspapers are part of our daily life. Of course there are several means and levels of security you can take online, like the ones you have for your home: Therefore you are in charge with deciding the level of protection you need.
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4 Apps to Route All Internet Connection Through Open Proxy Servers

However for corporate companies that require more control of their Internet usage will have to use a proxy server to manage and share the Internet connection. The proxy server allows the administrator to see the websites that are being visited by the users and also blocking offensive or not-safe-for-work NSFW websites. Proxy servers can also speed up loading of webpages through internal caching by serving cached web pages to users. Another reason to connect through an anonymous proxy is to hide your real IP address.

Fortunately most of the popular Internet based software such as web browsers , instant messengers and email clients support a proxy where you can enter the IP and port of the proxy server and all the Internet traffic will be routed to the proxy server.

Below is an example of a crawler tool called Screaming Frog SEO Spider that supports proxy, but not the authentication. If your proxy server requires a username and password to login, this tool would not work. FreeCap FreeCap is a very old free proxifier that was last released on but seems to work on Windows 8. The first thing that you need to do for FreeCap to work under Windows 8.

Click File from the menu bar and select Settings. Having this option enabled causes any hooked programs to crash. The next step is to add a working proxy to FreeCap so that all connections are routed through that proxy. Go to Settings again from the File menu bar, select Default proxy from the left hand tree menu, and enter the default proxy address and port. If the HTTP proxy requires authentication, simply tick the checkbox, enter the login and password and click the Apply button to keep the Settings window open.

If you get a passed status for the proxy, your final step is to add the program that you would like to operate through the proxy. Click the browse button, select the executable file and all of the required information in the dialog box will be automatically filled.

Click OK to add the application. To run the program under FreeCap, either double click or click the Run icon. FreeCap automatically hooks the program and routes all Internet connection through the proxy. Download FreeCap 2. WideCap WideCap used to be a shareware but turned into a freeware since WideCap is more powerful if compared to FreeCap because you can easily proxify all programs by selecting an option and you can drag and drop a specific program that you want to proxify without manually browsing for the executable file.

Only 3 steps are required to proxify an application using WideCap which is adding a proxy list, creating a rule and finally add an application with the rule assigned to it. First, click on New proxy from the left hand sidebar and add a proxy. You can add as many proxies as you want to the list. Click OK to save the rule.

Finally, click on View programs and you can either select to proxify only the programs in the list or proxify all programs by selecting the radio button. For some weird reason the New Application button is disabled but you can still add it by dragging and dropping a shortcut of an executable file to the program window. Double click on the added program, click on the drop down menu for Rule name and select the rule. Download WideCap 3. As you can expect from a paid software, Proxifier is more stable, up to date with new technologies, easier to use and has more features if compared to the free ones like FreeCap or WideCap.

Getting Proxifier to work is as easy as just adding a working proxy to the program and the default rule will automatically route all connections through the proxy while localhost connections are bypassed and connected directly. A 31 days trial version of Proxifier is available to use for free without limitations. Download Proxifier 4. So far ProxyCap has three new releases in and five in unlike Proxifier which has stopped updating since November We can say that ProxyCap is currently the best proxifier tool because it supports SSH tunneling, Windows 8 metro style apps, single sign-on and centralized management.

The steps to get ProxyCap working are nearly the same as the rest of the proxifier programs mentioned on this article which is adding a proxy and configure a new rule. You can download the free trial ProxyCap that works for 30 days from the link below.

version 4.15

Documentation Info and Download Do you have several machines on a network, but only one connection to the internet? Wish you could browse the net from the other machines, just like you can from the machine that’s connected? Then what you’re looking for is called a Proxy Server, and AnalogX has just what you want. AnalogX Proxy is a small and simple server that allows any other machine on your local network to route its requests through a central machine.

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Download proxy tools. Psiphon is a censorship circumvention tool for Windows and Android designed to give access to the internet where sensors and. In computer networks, a proxy server is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from CGI proxy; Suffix proxy; Tor onion proxy software; I2P anonymous proxy; Proxy vs. .. A CGI web proxy accepts target URLs using a Web form in the user’s browser window, processes the request, and returns. ChrisPC Anonymous Proxy Pro is the privacy tool that anybody would need to use to protect their online experience. Browsing, buying online, watching online.

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