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Nextplus App Reviews

I would see a text an hour or later after it was sent to me. It performs as expected. I appreciate the convenience.
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I would see a text an hour or later after it was sent to me. It performs as expected. I appreciate the convenience. I emailed the customer support and only got the automated response.

Waited 2 days and send the email again. Still automated response but no real solution to resolve me case. Uninstalled and cancelled my subscription. I did send email to the support 3 times but I still not yet have any solution from nextplus support.

Hopefully the support team of nextplus still working, Excellent!!!! Anytime I send pictures to someone, he or she doesn’t receive it and I keep trying over and over. What’s the problem, help me fix it. Hope you will fix it soon!

Thank you and have a nice day. Excellent communication tool at the best price. Voice doesn’t always works as good but it’s very useful app. One of the Best tools, a must have.

Please keep improving it. My contacts and pictures are uploaded to the app. She has an android. The messages show up as sent on the app. I tried emailing the support team but they just told me to go to the website.

Great but When I log out and re log in I find out that the text I sent earlier had vanished from my messages thread. That is when I know they did not receive that particular message. Aside that it works great with clear calls and smooth operation on my iPhone 7. Those who cant see text,or hear calls or voicemails shout try and use a VPN and wireless connectivity. These 2 makes the app very effective.

Try fix the issue of recipients not receiving text messages sometimes. Aside that it works great. For the past few months now, my calls struggle to even connect. When they do connect, my calls automatically end exactly 32 seconds in. I purchased minutes for this app too which is now just lost money. I would try to find a different app for calling. This one is totally useless now. Harassing app: Miserable and constant reminders to use the app once a week or you will loose the number.

You will also receive spam calls for the number you chose, numbers are recycled too which will cause this app to be sue one day in class “A” action lawsuit. Contacting “support” doesn’t help either, they will not fix the issue, as the problem is on their side, not yours. Now it locked me out of my account and the reset my password emails do not work. I brought credits for this app. Loved it!!! Been in touch with customer service those that read your emails and never reply over 40 times, no answer.

Only one guy, Brandon, has helped at all. He got my texting working for me, but still no calling. In coming or out going. Very disappointed in this service and would recommend you turn and run as far from them as you can!.

This is crazy. I’ve been using this service for years and now this absurdity shows up. And when someone calls you, you will hit answer and the call will be dropped almost instantly when you put it up to your ear.

Almost lost out on a job because of its inconsistency. Emailed and no responses for weeks. So the number is gone for good! What nerve. Totally disappointed. Plus sometimes I send messages and assume they have been sent only to be told they were not received. Nextplus went from 5 star to a minus app. Fix this. Link mms! It did not send as a link before but as a picture. Also I can’t call unless I have credits and that stupid.

Half the time it deletes my texts and rarely works I recommend you use a different app if you’re thinking about this one. I no longer get notifications and my old messages keeps disappearing. This app has become useless to me! Functional, affordable texting app.

And the cost of texting would be hard to beat. This is laugh Getting worse. The phone number used to be good for a month provided I use it during the month.

Then it all changed a must use within a week or loose it. Then they removed the contacts last time they were online. WhatsApp has been a better resource. They fail to respond to customer support requests. Why would constant communication with another Nextplus member be insufficient reason to keep my number?

No stars. Anyone recommend another app? So basically if I try to use this app at all it crashes now. Please try to fix.. Update after developer response: Unfortunately reinstalling the app did nothing. I am still having the same issues. A lot of times I have sent pictures, the recipient complains that they dint get it.

Customer Reviews of the Nextplus App

Faced with fundamental scalability issues and a platform susceptible to attacks, it was time to make a change. New technologies were now available to make the app faster, more stable and secure. One of those technologies was XMPP, which would drastically improve our messaging speed and efficiency. Your browser does not support the video tag Interactive prototype for sliding value-prop screens. What is this New Product? The Product Team, consisting of myself, our Creative Director and 3 Product Managers, had some serious questions to ask ourselves:

VIDEO: Nextplus | What is Nextplus?

Nextplus lets you stay in touch with people around the world without giving out your real number. img Nextplus Free text messaging and calling over Wi-Fi. No cell phone service required. Nextplus is an app created by textPlus (whose official website is. Review: HBO’s ‘Song of Parkland’ a wallop of emotion, inspiration from . throughout this week and next, plus streaming on HBO Go and HBO.

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