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Trying to move Windows from a HDD to a new SSD

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Hi Cls If you have separate partitions for Windows and data, then you should be able to clone just the OS associated partition over to your SSD. However, if everything’s on a single partition, then I’m afraid you won’t be able to do that if the total used space of the HDD is larger than the overall storage capacity of the SSD. So if this is the case, you’ll have to trim down the data on your HDD. Here’s a pretty nice tutorial you can check on OS migration:
how to transfer windows to ssd

How to Clone Windows 10 to an SSD

Step 1: Download Samsung Data Migration software and then install it in your computer. Step 2: Connect the Samsung SSD to your computer. After that, run the software and tap Start button in the lower right corner of its interface to move on. Step 3: And you also need to close the current running programs. After you click Start button, a prompt will be popped out to remind you the information above. If you have prepared well, you can select Yes to run the operation. Step 4: Step 5: When Windows 10 is cloned successfully, you can see a prompt — The data on the source disk has been successfully cloned to your Samsung SSD in the user window.

At that time, you can restart your computer and start your computer from the Samsung SSD. Way 2: Therefore, it’s better to ask for help from a tool which can transfer the Windows system from one drive to another easily and without data loss. Follow the guide below and try it now. Install iSunshare CloneGo after downloading it from the iSunshare official website. Launch CloneGo and select Copy option in its left pane. Choose the system disk as the source target under Select a source target option.

Click Select a destination target option to choose a partition where can store the cloned system. And please note that the data in the destination target will be deleted, so it’s advised that an empty SSD is chosen to be the destination target or you backup the data of the destination target first.

Then, click Start button and a small box will be shown to ask for your permission of copying the system. You can hit OK to start the operation. Step 6: After the successful copy, you can see a pop-out box written with “The system is copied successfully”, just click OK to exit it. Now, it’s time for you to boot your computer from the SSD with copied system after restarting your computer.

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This protects you in case something goes wrong, as the data is needed for the entire process. Shrink your disk contents to get rid of additional space, as SSD drives usually have less space compared to regular HDDs. This ensures your system partition fits on the new drive. Delete any personal files, multimedia files like photos, videos, music, and non-system files so your partition is as small as possible. Check that your system partition can fit on the SSD drive, and then you can begin the cloning process. To do this, following the below steps.

VIDEO: 2 Ways to Transfer Windows 10 to SSD from HDD

If Windows 10 is running on an HDD, how to install Windows 10 on SSD or a new disk to increase its performance? Migrating Windows 10 to. Hi i made my own pc i have a hdd and a ssd when i installed windows for the first time it got installed on the hdd instead of the ssd and i have. If you need to move your Windows 10 OS to an SSD, follow the instructions listed in this guide to complete the process in under 5 minutes.

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