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How to activate windows 8.1/8 without product key free 2018

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how to activate windows 8 without product key

Working Lists of Window 8 Product Keys

Maybe you get a prompt every once in a while telling you that you might be a victim of software counterfeiting. This applies to both Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Activating your Windows copy with a product key is pretty straightforward and requires you to have a legitimate copy of Windows.

To do so you obviously need to have a Windows product key — this means you need to have bought Windows legitimately, or a computer that came with a legitimate Windows version installed. Windows product keys are typically characters long and are usually located on the back or at the top of your computer case, or at the bottom of your laptop if Windows came preinstalled.

If you bought a Windows disc, then the Product key will be located inside the case. If you bought it online, then you will have received the product key in a confirmation email. Activating Windows 10 With a Digital License or Product Key If you have the prompt to activate Windows 10 on the bottom of your screen, activating Windows removes the annoying feature.

If you do not have a product key and have already installed Windows 10, you can activate it by buying a digital license. After completing your purchase your Windows copy will be activated. Changing your Product Key to a valid key will also activate your Windows 10 version and remove the annoying prompts.

Click the Start Button Right-click on Computer and choose Properties Click the Activate Windows online now button located at the bottom of the system properties window Type in your product key.

Click Next to activate your Windows copy. It might take a while to complete the process. How to Install Windows Updates After following these steps your Windows 7 copy will be legitimately activated. You will eventually notice that the prompts about not having a legitimate copy of windows will have disappeared. There are also ways to activate Windows without having a product key. On the plus side, activating Windows without a digital license or product key is free. There are also ways to activate Windows without using an activator, although Windows activators are arguably easier to use.

Here are two ways of activating Windows without using a product key. Choose your preferred method — they both have the same end result. Method 1: It just requires you to create a batch file, run it as an admin and reboot your computer.

Open Notepad Paste the following code:


Keeping the essence of the touch-screen in mind, Windows 8 OS underwent a major uplift regarding its user-interface as well as boot-up speed. Now, even the user looking for a free upgrade to Windows 8 OS can activate the program using the free Windows 8 key mentioned in this post. What is a Windows 8 product key? It is almost unlikely to activate a genuine copy of Windows OS without a working product key, but for other pirated version of Windows OS, there are tricks and ways mentioned in this post to activate Windows 8 for free. You should have also received the same activation key on your registered e-mail. There are several softwares available online which assists you in retrieving the lost serial keys.

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If you want to install and activate Windows on your computer, you can do so without using a product key. It’s easy, and there are a couple. Explore this Article Recovering a Lost Key Activating Windows Questions Your Windows Product key is buried in the registry, but it can be. If you’re looking for a guide to activate windows 10 without the product key. The trick is to upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8 to get Windows

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