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GoodSync Enterprise

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End-to-end data encryption Maximize your security and include encryption on the destination as well. AES with bit key is used for encryption, with all file blocks chained. Random salt is applied, so different encryptions of the same file will produce different results. File size will increase by exactly 32 bytes. Faster backups Improved peer-to-peer P2P connectivity with block level incremental data transfer allows you to enjoy even faster backups — saving you time and increasing productivity.
goodsync enterprise server

Goodsync Enterprise Win/Mac+Portable

Whether backing up laptops, synchronizing data offsite or collaborating with multiple users in multiple locations, GoodSync can handle your unique situation. GoodSync supports cloud syncing, whether to your existing cloud or enabling a private cloud solution; get the most out of your data and ensure consistent synchronization. Read below to discover how GoodSync is the best fit for your organization and gain peace of mind that your data is in good hands.

GoodSync Family of Products Every environment is different. Take a look and see how the robust and fully-featured GoodSync family can be the best fit for your needs — no matter where your users are located. Enterprise Workstation Utilize the Workstation component of GoodSync to backup and sync files of User workstations to your destination of choice.

Sync multiple workstations with each other, to a server, or to your cloud storage solution. Easy to use Interface allows for customized job creation and sync scheduling. Safely and securely create a sync schedule to quickly and easily synchronize User data. Supports a wide variety of environments and protocols. Simple and silent mass deployment for minimal user interaction. Enterprise Server Backing up pertinent files from servers is paramount, but so is retrieving that data. Backup your servers and the critical information with GoodSync by integrating your users through Active Directory and Group Policy.

Because GoodSync preserves the original file format of your data, you will be able to quickly search for and recover files immediately in their native format.

Utilize Delta synchronization at the block level to limit sync size and manage bandwidth usage. Provide a collaboration location to sync multiple workstations, easily share document changes. Provide multiple points of recovery by replicating data to additional server sites. Keep Windows permissions and settings intact during syncs. GoodSync Enterprise Server is a powerful enterprise-wide data protection tool. This technology can help protect your company’s: Synchronization or backup of large collections of files between multiple servers or network storages.

Synchronization or backup services for remote users connected to the server using a Citrix-type environment or Remote Desktop Connection. Synchronization or backup of locked server files such as database files or email storages. With this setup, each workstation performs frequent incremental updates to the server throughout the day. Best practices dictate that companies maintain multiple backup copies of user data in geographically remote locations.

If your company has multiple offices, an ideal scenario would be to regularly synchronize all workstations in each office to a local file server using GoodSync Enterprise. Then, periodically synchronize these servers to each other using the GoodSync Enterprise Server.

Figure 1 – Multi Office Figure 1: GoodSync Enterprise Server in the Multi-Office Backup Topology If there is only one office, the best practices dictate that you regularly back up all workstations in the office to a local file server, which can be accomplished using GoodSync Enterprise.

Figure 2 – Single Office Figure 2: The GoodSync Enterprise Server can easily handle this requirement through its ability to handle chained synchronizations. In this type of setup, a single GoodSync Enterprise Server license will backup or synchronize all the user data stored on these servers. The price of the GoodSync Enterprise Server License equals the price of approximately 25 workstation GoodSync Enterprise licenses, but can be used to synchronize up to 75 users on a Citrix server environment.

Figure 3 – Remote Server Figure 3: This technology allows GoodSync to backup database data and transaction files, email storage files, and any other files that are constantly locked and updated. This feature is widely used by our existing clients to back up their server-side databases and email storages.

Figure 4 – Centralized Server Figure 4: Powered by Roadkill Wiki 1. This theme contains portions of its design from Mediawiki.

Download GoodSync Full for PC

GoodSync Enterprise is free to download from our software library. Synchronizes two or more folders with files, that is, Good-Sync makes sure that folders and all files in them are the same by copying the new or updated files from the folder where they appeared to the folder where they are old or not present and by propagating deletions. Monitoring the file system is not required Syncing multiple devices, providing maximum comfort Synchronize FTP file modification time Translation of the modification time of files for non-Preserving File Systems Easily synchronize only the modification time of files Real-time monitoring Ease and flexibility of display Task tab, make it easier to work with several tasks Counters size for each level Dialogue to facilitate the selection of synchronized folders Identification of required free space Reports on actions and changes Tags jobs to removable drives Backing up the network over an encrypted channel.

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GoodSync Help Center provides detailed product tutorials on all topics including installation, setup, troubleshooting and file backup and file synchronization job. GoodSync Enterprise v Portable directly between your computers, without slowness introduced by syncing via 3rd party servers. GoodSync Enterprise 10 Full Version Keygen GoodSync Enterprise Crack: is laptops, servers, external drives, and Windows Mobile devices.

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