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Download Excel Viewer 2003 Service Pack 3 (SP3) from Official Microsoft Download Center

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KB Articles: It further hardens Excel Viewer against potential attacks and other security threats. This service pack also includes fixes that have been previously released as separate updates for Excel Viewer You can get specific information about this update in Microsoft Knowledge Base article Description of Excel Viewer Service Pack 3.
download microsoft excel viewer 2003

Microsoft Office Excel Viewer

A productivity writer who teaches Office software to students and pros. Updated May 25, Looking for a free way to read Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, or Lync documents without buying the latest versions of these applications yourself?

Most office software power-users will be frustrated using a tool like this every day, due to the limited tools, but your situation may merit using one of these free, web-based viewers anyway. While you cannot edit documents in these free online interfaces, you can view, copy, or print Office documents authored by others — without having to commit to Office yourself.

Alternatives to Free Viewers: Free Office Software Suites and Apps Before downloading a viewer, also consider the free Microsoft Office Online Web Apps , which allow you to both read and perform a limited but effective range of editing. Since both the viewers and the web apps are used in your browser, and therefore require an internet connection, the latter may make more sense to you as a solution. Word Viewer Microsoft produced free viewers for its Word application up until Since then, Microsoft Office , , and have come to fruition; however, the viewer was not updated for each of these versions.

Those interested in a free, online viewer for Word have just used the Microsoft Word Viewer, which worked fairly well for documents produced across all these versions.

Luckily, now you can find a recent update that replaces the Microsoft Office Viewer. This download is a replacement for Word Viewer and all previous Word Viewer versions. Download the Microsoft Word Viewer — Free! Excel Viewer Excel spreadsheets are among the most popular in the world, so it makes sense to have a solution that reads them as well as possible, even if you do not use Microsoft Excel on your device.

Download the Microsoft Excel Viewer — Free! PowerPoint Viewer PowerPoint Viewer has likewise been around for some time with a long-standing version, PowerPoint Viewer 97, being used for subsequent versions. The most recent version of the PowerPoint Viewer has a few improvements and caveats. You can now opening password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentations assuming you are privy to the password, of course.

You will also notice a few features not available with this PowerPoint Viewer, including running macros while viewing a file or opening linked, embedded objects or files. This is a diagramming program for creating flow charts, organizational charts, or other visual representations. While you cannot create or edit in-depth, you can do the following within the viewer: This way, the Visio Viewer can be installed for free for others on the team to collaborate on.

Download the Visio Viewer Microsoft Lync Server Whiteboard Viewer This web conferencing tool offers a great way to share a record of online brainstorming and other presentations, even if those you were working with have not purchased access to Lync Server It converts the contents of your whiteboard session to HTML5, which is then viewed in a compatible browser. Since each new program version tends to allow new file types, you may need this compatibility pack to properly upload the file you are interested in.

Always Read License Terms As with all downloads, make sure to read license terms regarding fonts and other aspects of files you may be interested in copying or printing. Even though you have not purchased a full version of Microsoft Office, you are still agreeing to license terms for these viewers by using them. In fact, you cannot install or use the fonts on other devices at all, because you have not purchased the right to do so. Continue Reading.

Opinions about Microsoft Office Excel Viewer

Microsoft no longer offers a trial version of Microsoft Excel You can download the Excel Microsoft Excel is the latest version of the popular spreadsheet application. Advertisement With spreadsheet sharing, Microsoft Excel is the ideal way of sharing, managing and analyzing information. This version of Microsoft Excel has improved access across the board, from a cleaner interface to better usability. The ribbon-like interface caused controversy when it was first introduced, but it’s much easier to navigate for beginners, since you can now see all the options instead of having them hidden away in menus. That’s not to say the application has become any simpler to learn to use.

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The XLS Viewer allows you to open files that were saved with other programs such as files that were saved with Microsoft Excel. The XLS. This download is a replacement for Word Viewer and all previous Word Viewer versions. Download the Microsoft Excel Viewer – Free!. Download Microsoft Excel Viewer. Open, view and print Excel workbooks by turning to this lightweight application that can be easily deployed.

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