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Interactive Prototyping with Axure RP 8

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Made for thinkers like you Axure RP 9 is the most powerful way to plan, prototype, and hand off to developers, all without code. Download a free trial and see why professionals choose Axure RP. Trusted by the most successful companies to improve the way they design digital products. Connector Mode Flow Shapes Library Powerful prototyping that fits any project Using a prototype to test a design and validate it with others is invaluable for making better design decisions.
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Axure RP, along with Sketch and Invisionapp, is among the most popular pieces of software for prototyping and wireframing, so it is only natural that UX designers see updates every-so-often. This one has bumped Axure RP to version 8. Some UX specialists will be more excited than others, but one thing is for sure: The changes introduced in Axure RP 8 include: An updated workspace and toolbar New features and functionalities Improvements and updates to the AxShare sharing system 1.

Updated Workspace and Toolbar Workspace Among the most prominent changes in Axure RP 8 is the updated workspace which has, overall, made Axure look cleaner and less cluttered. This effect has been achieved through a substantial reduction in icons as well as through updated icon styles.

Toolbar The toolbar has seen a number of changes in version 8, mainly of the aesthetic variety. Changes include: It integrates very nicely with the now default FontAwesome library also new to Axure RP 8 , to help designers create their own custom icons in Axure, for use in their designs.

It is relatively easy to use, but it may take some getting used to. Although this is not too big of a change, the wording is more relevant to the functionality of this section of Axure RP 8. Some of the eliminated icons were nice to have and might even be a considered a downside to the new Axure RP update. Having the icons for some of these actions were very accommodating. They made it easier and quicker to move or delete pages.

However this is not the case. To most designers, this will likely feel like a change that has been a long time coming.

Moved and changed icons for options and search Visual change for selected library makes libraries always present with a drop-down for easy switching two thumbs up! Our designers had about 6 or 7 libraries in Axure RP 7 and they always complained that they did not know which one they were on New items added to the default library: Finally an ellipse widget!

No more dragging a rectangle then selecting the ellipse shape! A built in FontAwesome library was added Adding the Font Awesome library was a very wise decision for Axure RP 8 and one that has been a long time coming since professionals have been using it in their prototypes for a number of years. The best thing about having the FontAwesome library is that designers no longer need to be linking the CSS font link within the web fonts and generating the HTML or making sure that everyone has the font installed on their computer, because now it is default in Axure RP 8.

Styling functionality has been incorporated into widget styles, namely: Interactions have been incorporated into the properties tab previously in another section. Page interactions have been added to this section instead of at the bottom, like they were in Axure RP 7. The frustrating thing about this addition is that you have to click ON the background in order to display the page section, whereas before, you could just select what you need from the bottom.

In addition, new formatting abilities, such as the ability to add direct links to related documents, are now possible. The ability to select adaptive views on a per-page basis is new. In version 7, this feature was hidden but as responsive design has become more and more popular, Axure decided to make this a main feature. Axure RP 8 Page Outline The functionality has changed a little bit to show all widgets on the active page instead of just interactions.

This means there is no more need to have so many dynamic panels on the page! New actions have also been added including: These actions are good for setting up multiple actions on an item or multiple items at the same time. If you are creating wireframes in Axure RP for an eCommerce site, we would recommend utilizing this new awesome feature as it can be extremely helpful.

New Events New events include: Snapshot Widget New features in Snapshot include the ability to show full-page screenshots, inner-page screenshots and screenshots of any master events. This is because the snapshots will update automatically when the referenced page is updated. This is a great feature for flows and sitemaps or even to show a second state without having to create case 1 and case 2.

Repeaters A few small interaction updates have been made to repeaters but the primary advantage is in product images and image galleries, which are now much easier to create. This feature is one the favorites among Codal UX designers, because often times they may want to create tabs where only the top corners have a corner radius, while the bottom border is kept from showing.

Connecting images with flows creates a more seamless look and allows for a simply better site flow. New end lines and curved connector points can now be added to shapes and images. Prior to the update, UX designers were limited to only one type of point on each end.

This allows for much customization. Print Configurations If your UX team prints out your wireframes, then this functionality is extremely useful. Paper sizes can now be changed, print guides can be viewed, multiple print configurations can be added and pages can be selected for print. However, teams similar to us might start changing their ways due to this new functionality.

It could be beneficial for brainstorming sessions and writing notes directly on the printed pages. It has been redesigned to give more of a modern look and feel. You have to click on the tab to see the sections. Widget Libraries Prior to this update, at Codal, a library would have to be created and loaded from our Google Drive that we share between teams.

With this new feature, libraries can now be loaded directly from AxShare. This ensures that everyone in the UX team always has the latest version, without having to collaborate to find out which designer has which version. Team Projects With SVN still available, the new option to post team projects directly to AxShare is one of the greatest new features, especially for large UX teams who work together on the same files.

This feature is probably my all-time favorite, simply because prior to this update, no matter what the circumstance, the original owner was the only person who could publish a file. Now, my team can work collaboratively on a file and anyone can publish it. Not only does it look better, but it allows UX teams to work together more collaboratively while making it easier for teams that are not located in the same office to participate on the same wireframe.

The new Axure RP 8 is great, but there are still some things that the platform is missing that the UX world would like to see in a wireframing platform. One major thing that our Axure specialists here at Codal would like to see in the next Axure RP update is the ablility to comment directly on the wireframe, instead of putting comments in the left sidebar.

Another flaw that has yet to be updated is the fact that you cannot apply one interaction to multiple buttons at once. Instead, you have to click on every button and change the action individually. We are interested in hearing from you! What do you think of Axure RP 8 and would you like to see in the next update?

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