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XLN Addictive Drums main install

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Beats page The world’s best drums out of the box Addictive Drums 2 comes standard with three extraordinary drum kits including both of our acclaimed Fairfax kits recorded at the legendary Los Angeles studio formerly known as Sound City and the loud, large, and luxurious Black Velvet! The package includes presets ranging from super-clean to highly polished and radio-ready to heavily processed and distorted. You can use them as-is or easily tweak them to make them uniquely yours. You’re serious about your sound.
addictive drums 1.5 2 update

Addictive Drums Update Available

Not bad! The built-in browser lets you search by keyword i. You can add the files you like to Addictive Drums’s Favorite list, or drag them right into your host’s arrangement window more on this later. Since Addictive Drums is a multi-out plug-in, every channel in the Addictive Drums mixer can be routed to a separate output if required.

One other innovative feature: Addictive Drums has a system for creating realistic cymbal chokes. On your MIDI controller, you hit the cymbal on one key and choke it with another.

Addictive Drums calculates the volume on the cymbal at that particular time, and plays a choke sample that fits. All choke samples are multilayered and have alternating samples. In most cases, this effect is quite realistic. Our current system, however, is a much more robust 2.

Again, installation was a breeze and problem free. Addictive Drums was very easy to use. Addictive Drums includes a PDF describing how to set it up on just about every platform, which is a nice touch for those who need a little help getting things set up.

There are four main pages to the interface, which are accessible via buttons at the top right of the screen, labeled Kit, Edit, FX, and Beats. The Kit window is where you assemble drum kits from the individual drums that have been sampled by XLN Audio. Switching to the Edit page allows you to make detailed changes to the sound of any individual drum.

Processing available in the Edit page includes all the insert effects, but there are also two global reverb generators, which have a separate editing window. The FX page above graphically shows reverb characteristics, and allows mixing of effects, as well as the choice of pre and post mastering inserts, a helpful feature.

The fourth page, Beats, is a file browser that allows you to search and audition a library of over 3, MIDI grooves. When you’ve found one you like, you can simply drag and drop it into your host sequencer. Everything in the browser is named with useful information such as tempo, length in bars, musical style, and time signature.

Most of the MIDI patterns consist of a basic Beat or Groove but if you want to explore related beat variations, you can click on the white arrow to their left. We found the distinction between Beats and Grooves unclear, though. Beats represent more basic drum patterns, while Grooves are more sophisticated and complex.

There are more than two-bar beats and over four-bar grooves, and there are also a number of complete drum arrangements that you can use as the basis for entire songs. There are even a number of very convincing electronica, low fi, and industrial sounding arrangements. There’s also a Sync button that starts and stops playback of the selected MIDI pattern along with your sequencer’s transport.

If you find a pattern you like and want to use it in your song, you need to import it onto a MIDI or Instrument track in your sequencer. Fortunately, this involves nothing more complex than dragging the pattern out of the Addictive Drums window directly into your sequencer’s Arrange page.

Alternately, you can drag it over to the Favorites window on the right-hand side, which is handy if you’re trying to build up a shortlist of possible grooves for your song. In previous versions, omissions we noted were a lack of General MIDI GM mapping, and that the included beats were only 3 4, 4 4, and 6 8. This has all been addressed in AD 1. Times of 5 8 and 7 8 are now included, making prog-rock and jazz fusion musicians very happy you know who you are!

Further, mapping has become quite easy to do: The keyboard to the right of the screen shows exactly which keys triggers any given sound. Even without specific mapping needs, we found using this screen made it easier to play grooves on a MIDI keyboard.

Each key is labeled, and related sounds are color coded together i. Changing key maps was as straightforward as dragging the name to another key. This is a great and welcome feature in the latest version of AD.

One other nice feature about the mapping is that AD already includes Roland, Yamaha, Alesis, and 2box mappings. Just pick your kit and off you go! The Beat Transformer was fun to use. Best of all, it does it instantly in real time. This can allow you to change on the fly from a 4 4 feel to a 6 8 swing feel, and vice versa, while keeping the change seamless. Very cool. For those wanting to make their own beats, there are three different ways of doing this: Create a new beat from scratch by drawing MIDI notes.

Record a beat by playing it on a MIDI keyboard or an electronic drum kit. We tried the MIDI keyboard entry, and it worked like a charm. Everything tracked along in Pro Tools perfectly, using a low C key for a bass drum, an F for a snare, and a high F for a hi-hat.

This is the only really notable feature that is absent from an otherwise great product. A caveat, however: The drums are punchy, and would work well for rock, pop, and funk. But a jazz kit with brushes, for example, was not well represented in the initial version of AD. More recently, two other ADPaks have been released: These are very welcome, as these samples were sorely missing from the main program.

Kudos to XLN Audio for continually upgrading and improving the program. Of the sounds that are included, they all sounded great, and there are plenty of fills and variations to build a very pro-sounding recording.

Documentation and Product Support Good news: As the program itself is very well polished, this did not come as a surprise to us. There is no printed manual, but there is an included PDF file. This has become much more thorough than the original 1. It is slightly less expensive than some of its competitors, and it offers a broad range of host platforms in which to run.

Given all the great sounds you get and future expansion possibilities , XLN Audio has a great program that just about everyone can make use of for delivering professional sounding drum tracks. We have watched the program literally grow up before our very eyes, and we feel AD 1.

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