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Please double click on the fle to start the installation process. Once you have navigated through the installation process and clicked fnished. This information will have been forwarded to the email address that you entered when you were downloading the software from our site.
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Please double click on the fle to start the installation process. Once you have navigated through the installation process and clicked fnished. This information will have been forwarded to the email address that you entered when you were downloading the software from our site. This information must be entered at this stage in order to activate your fully functional 30 day trial.

The profle section allows you to customise the magazine to suit your brand. Here you can add your company logo, copyrighting text and SEO information. HOWEVER, the most important data that needs to be entered at this stage is the list of domains that you wish to publish your digital editions to. While the trial version also allows you to temporarily publish your magazines to our test site, our software allows you to host your digital editions on your own site.

In order to activate this feature, you must insert the URL of that domain so our server knows that the magazines are running on an authorised URL. If the domain is not added then the publications will not run. All you need to do is add the route domain of your URL. For example: This will prompt you to add a PDF for a publication that you want to convert.

This will prompt the profle dialog window to open. Here you can edit all settings relating to your template and profle such as your copyright text, logos and domains. On the third step you will be asked to enter the domains that you wish to include. Please enter the URLs of all sites that you plan to host the digital editions on. Please note this only has to be done once. You will not have to repeat this step each time. In order to activate this feature all you have to do is enter in the Google Analytics ID that is associated with each domain that you are adding into the Profle dialog box.

The statistics of every interaction from every reader will be recorded and posted to your Google Analytics account for your analysis.

By focusing on the digital magazine preparation we will instruct on how 3D Issue may be used to make an online publication or general interactive magazine. To view part 2 of this guide click here. To view part 3 of this guide click here. The correct Logo to be used is attached 6. Template The template option is only applicable to marketing agencies who are preparing a publication on behalf of their client. For more information on using 3D Issue to provide a service for your clients e-mail us at info 3dissue.

In these circumstances there will be a logo provided for each client under the template drop down menu. If the software is being used in-house then only one logo will be available which can be named in a later stage.

The features provided in this section of the software are straightforward and simple to understand yet can be vital for quick amends. The bleed may be removed manually or automatically in 3D Issue.

Layout The layout section of the Content tab allows for the preview of the PDFs prior to any additional functionality being added to the publication. It has four options. Like the staple in a hard copy magazine at the center fold. This useful option not only ensures that your publication will display as you intend it to but also provides convenient options. Mixture of both will allow for a combination of single page spreads and double page spreads.

Publishing Suite Version 6. Part two and three shall look at the two other tabs. The design tab in 3D Issue is where the creativity takes place! Through the Design tab 3D Issue users can ensure that their digital editions achieve many objectives key to digital publishing including: Zoom Options — Single or Double page zoom, Navigation options, 6.

Advanced — Load control, set custom language, amend and set e-mails extrapolated from digital edition via sharing, bookmarks, Notes, Comments buttons. Background — the background image is allocated on a publication by publication basis, images which do not include words or facial images are recommended.

Features Panel — refers to reader toolbar, allocate position; 5. Navigation panel — refers to thumbnails or button images; 6. Default view mode — a. Slide Appears as double page which will slide; c. Presentation appears as a single page which will slide.

Icon Color — Icons on toolbar default colour 8. Page turn sound 9. The left column has two options. The four columns of buttons on the right allow the publisher to add interactivity, via either hotspot or button which is explained in detail in the next section.

Note roll over text, sizing options, rollover and rollout colouring and positioning options are available with the option for roll over sounds also. Selector Tool — Default selection for interactive menu; 2. Keep Tool Selected – selecting allows for addition of the same option without defaulting back to Selector tool; The other options on the interactive menu allow for the addition of clickable buttons or hotspots to the publication. Note button images are customizable for more information on how to customize the buttons click this link.

To add a gallery, simply click on the add icon. Contents — Provide the table of contents feature to readers 2. Library — Allows readers to browse the Archive if applicable for more information on setting up the archive refer to this link.

Print — Allows readers to select pages for printing 5. Search — Allows readers to search the publication 7. Settings — Allows readers to adjust options including zoom size and navigation options 8. Help — Provides a pop up with useful information 9. Full screen Mode — leave the browser in the background Bookmarks — allows readers to read and share their bookmarks Notes — Allows readers to access and share their Notes Thumbnails — Displays thumbnails in a Vertical view of each page Exit — closes the publication Try 3D Issue FREE for 30 days 10 Table of contents The table of contents function in 3D Issue allows publishers to provide a simple means of navigation around the publication.

The Table of contents will also allow for the inclusion of URLs as links. For more information on the table of contents you may wish to refer to this blog post. Zoom to: This feature set will allow you to add audio to: This is a great little tool for creating narrated stories or portfolios.

Please use the login details that were forwarded to you in your initial email. To start adding users to that group, click on the name of that group and you will be that user group list window. All valid entries will have been added to your account and your user login will be live once you post that publication onto your site. So none of your audiences user login details or email address are ever exposed. Advanced Read Right to left — for markets where the page turn is Right to Left Load Control — for longer publications to ensure the publication runs smoothly.

For more information on Load control click here. Default Language — Select a custom language as set up under the options for a detailed explanation of how to add a custom language check out this blog post QUICK TIP on providing multiple languages from within an issue.

For more info click here. Quick question! Why not start on page 1? The page numbering will usually not start as page one will be the front cover. Page numbering will usually not start on page one as page one will usually be the front cover.

Similarly page two shall often be an advertisement with a table of contents provided on page three. For more information on tips for editing these settings see this link.

For an introduction to 3D Issue V6. The tabs are Content, Design and Output. Part one and publication two look at the two other tabs.


I guess if you do not mind sacrificing any and all customization than at least it will work on i-devices Cons The advertise customization and give you a trial version that works in Flash despite the fact the program is for HTML5 and even their customer service rep by phone and email confirmed they would work the same To our surprise and considerable investment of time and money we find out they do not work the same and that there are MORE limitations in the paid versions. Summary -No real level of customization available -You pay to advertise them on your website -Customer service works with canned answers -trial version and paid version are FAR from the same -Paid HTML5 has less customization than the trial Flash version Be VERY careful about using this software and make sure you do not have grand ideas of customization.

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